What’s being built in Proctor on those 68 acres? We know for sure its not one retailer!

Still itching to find out what is going to be built on the 68 acre site that was recently purchased by a retail developer in Proctor? So I am. But I do have good news! I can squash a rumor that’s been going around for a while about what retailer possibly is locating on the site. The news is that Mills Fleet Farm will NOT be coming to Duluth after all. An email from the corporate headquarters states that although they really would like to come to Duluth, it just currently is not in their plans both physically and financially. They say that they need to keep their stores pretty close in order to keep prices down and remain financially profitable, and right now there would be too large of a gap between stores if one were to open in Duluth or Proctor. They do say that hopefully one day they will be here.

So the hunt continues to find out what exactly is happening in that city perched on the hill!


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