What are your thoughts on the waterfront?

So as many of you already know, there are two new developments planned for Duluth’s waterfront. One by private developer Alessandro Guiliani, and the other by the DEDA. The projects have received some negative thoughts because of their location, with some viewing it as too close to the industrial sites and also others viewing it as too far from Canal Park. What are your thoughts on these two developments and their locations?




2 thoughts on “What are your thoughts on the waterfront?

  1. I guess I know what you are talking about a little bit with this article, but I really don’t think that most people will understand much about this project; the small post is a bit assumptive of the communities background knowledge. A little bit of background, from your perspective especially, would be very well appreciated. Myself, I have not heard much about this project commencing forward is quite a long time. Where are they going with the project now?

    Another great piece of information, that a lot of people have been wondering about for some time now, what is going on with the high speed rail from the twin cities? I know Cravaack put the kibosh on the whole thing when he took office. I also saw a small reference to the high-speed rail being a possibility when Sen. Reinert proposed the Vikings stadium come to Duluth, which is something that I think is completely outside the realm of possibility.

    BTW, This blog has been an incredible contribution to the Duluth community thus far, and it has only been online for about a month now. Thank you for knowledge and expertise in these matters.

    Thank you,


    1. Hello there!

      Well I am very happy to see that people appreciate this blog and that people also have the same passion that I have for Duluth and its success. I will be sure to make the post on Monday be a post on the two Waterfront developments that I am referring to! Thanks for following!

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