Specialty tea retailer opening in the Miller Hill Mall

The Miller Hill Mall is about to get a little more calmer and smell a little more herbal with it’s newest addition. Teavana, a popular tea and tea accessory retailer that is based out of Atlanta, Georgia will be opening a store at the Miller Hill Mall this coming summer. The retailer has posted available positions for it’s newest store at the Miller Hill Mall and most likely will open their new store sometime during the summer. Teavana stores are known for their relaxing environment and often are almost entirely clad in wood. The stores offer tea and herbal infusions, along with a wide mix of the two, while also selling all types of tea merchandise and products for preparing tea.  Inside the store you will be treated to a calm environment, asian or cultural music playing in the background, and endless tea samples. The stores are designed to be “part tea bar, part tea emporium.” Currently there are over 200 locations, with locations already in Minnesota at the Mall of America, Burnsville Center, The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes, and Ridgedale Center. As far as the specific location in the mall as to where the new Teavana store will go, that is still up for speculation. They are full retail stores so it would have to go in a decently sized space. The Noodles and Company development could be a prime location for the new store, however the malls plans for the year as far as closings, renovations, and movings, have yet to be announced. That itself could change everything. Keeps your eyes open! I’ll be sure to post more when I find out!


3 thoughts on “Specialty tea retailer opening in the Miller Hill Mall

  1. Who are you? And…where do you get your information? I understand the Mall hasn’t confirmed this information. It seem very irresponsible to post something that hasn’t officially been announced as of yet.

    1. Hello Lori!
      First off thanks for following the blog! It would seem quite interesting if the mall would not confirm this information if you talked to them as it is true. Anything that is posted on this blog that is not 100% certain is posted as either a rumor or posted as something that is under negotiations. Anything that is not posted under those two circumstances, such as the Teavana post are posted as solidified store openings. The reason that we can be sure that this is true is that you can often look in different areas on the internet to catch the first wave of news that a retailer is opening in an area. This often is first released in the form of job openings. Teavana posted their first job openings for a retail store manager and assistant manager for their new Duluth location at the Miller Hill Mall three days ago. Therefore we can be certain that this location and retailer have completed negotiations and have secured a spot for their store to locate in. Thus making the post about their new location in Duluth not irresponsible at all, rather informative! I hope this answers your questions and I hope that you continue to follow cdinduluth for all the latest retail development in the Duluth area news!

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