Details emerge about Duluth’s new Noodles and Company

The details are out! The Noodles and Company that is locating in a portion of the former Great American space will hopefully open by the end of summer. The new location will cover 2,850 square feet, which at first may be viewed as small, but it actually isn’t. When I first saw that square footage I was thought to myself “once again Duluth get’s the mediocre store, never do we get a full prototype,” but when reviewing other locations, ours is actually a good size. Most stores are around the 2,500 square foot range, with some, a very select few, being over 3,000. So in Duluth’s case, we are above average!

Now to the interesting things about the store. The store is set up basically in a way if you were to cut the store in half vertically. Half of the space is kitchen and prep space, while the other half is the dining space. The store will have a mall entrance with a very nice metal and glass design and will close off the entrance that is currently right outside the mall doors. That space will be completely bricked over (yes sadly the brick will match the current malls brick) and a new window will be put in place. The design for the exterior front uses the signature Noodles & Company design (pictured below) and features gooseneck lighting and red awnings. A door and window will be added to the exterior space. The space will have seating for 55 inside in a mix of booths, tables, and high tops, and also will have seating for 16 in an outdoor patio.

And yes, if you’re wondering, the location will include one of the new Coca Cola Freestyle Machines. For those of you who do not know what that is, it’s a new soda dispensing machine from Coca Cola that is slowly being rolled out across the country in different locations. Noodles & Company this past year signed a contract to install the machine in all it’s locations. The machine features a touch screen and serves over 100 different flavors of soda. For example, you can choose Sprite, or you can get it flavored with cherry, vanilla, strawberry, peach, grape, raspberry, or orange. It’s quite the machine! I’ve included a picture below of what the machine looks like.

It looks like, at least from the plans, that the store will be quite nice. I myself wish they would have used a little bit of stucco to cover the brick outside and give the mall a more modern look, but I can understand where they are coming from in trying to keep the mall looking as one. The only thing I am confused about, it seems like the only entrance is within the mall. So does this mean they will have limited hours? Or will the let customers enter through the patio at night?

Look for the new Noodles & Company to open at the Miller Hill Mall by summers end.







3 thoughts on “Details emerge about Duluth’s new Noodles and Company

  1. No one has replied to the City Data forums lately. I ditched my Facebook account a week ago-I’ve heard Facebook and Google are behind many of the anti-privacy/pro government intrusion policies which are killing our economy and way of life. So I guess CDinDuluth is the only place left for commercial discussions on Duluth. The hotel across from the mall has been cancelled. The developers backed out of it because of neighborhood opposition. I’ve also heard lately in the Duluthian and Business North that 4 hotels are under construction or on the drawing board and four more are under discussion for the future. Rob Link said that he doesn’t think that any new large office buildings will be built in Duluth for ten years-I hope he’s Wrong. Also, is that proposed retail center at the Ground Round site a sure thing? Are the Greendale, Arrowhead Crossings, Sam’s Club site and rest of Duluth Hill developments still up in the air or are some or all of them dead? Anything new on the K-Mart site?

    1. It’s quite sad that ZMC cancelled their plans for their new Hampton Inn and Suites hotel. It’s another blow to the mall area. Duluth always seems to have quite a bit of hotel development plans on the board at one time. The problem is that not all come to fruition due to the fight that a lot of developers have to go up against in order to get development rights within the city. Duluth’s downtown office building scene is actually quite unpredictable. There were a few larger scale (10 story +) projects proposed about 5 years ago, but all fell through when the economy collapsed. It wouldn’t surprise me if something was announced within the coming two or three years, especially if it was a project related to Wells Fargo. Duluth’s downtown seems to be coming alive again and no one really can predict when a new corporation might pick Duluth for their new headquarters or extension of their current branches. It’s always a guessing game! As far as the Ground Round site, nothing is a few sure thing until the bulldozers and excavators hit the site, and even then it’s not always a for sure thing. What we do know though is that the developer has already been in contact with the city and has had quite a few things passed pertaining to the new development. Cross your fingers that everything works out as planned! It seems like it will if things continue as they have already and also being they have a fully leased center. I’ll post something about the other development sites later this week or hopefully tomorrow.

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