The Pacific Sun sets in Duluth

Unfortunately this is news of a closure, not an opening. Pacific Sunwear, otherwise known as PacSun, has closed it’s Duluth location in the Miller Hill Mall. In December it was announced that after three years of weak sales that the retailer would close up to 200 stores in underperforming markets. This news comes as the brand ends years of expansion, bringing the total amount locations to 852 stores. What caused the stores demise? It is said to be that teens have lost interest in the brand and also due to the recent success of their closest competitor, Zumiez, which also has a store at the Miller Hill Mall only a few spaces down the hallway.

So what comes next? We’re not quite sure. What can be said is that the space in which PacSun was located was a prime space within the mall and therefore will not remain vacant for long. The space is a straight space meaning it is very appealing to many tenants due to the endless configuration possibilities, not to mention it’s location in the food court area. Hopefully the mall will have a new retailer in there soon, I am assuming it will be a national chain clothing store of some sort. What can be said though is that the mall really needs to start announcing new tenants or bringing in new tenants as this store departure makes the 11th available space within the mall.


Thanks to a blog viewer for updating what I have missed. Bristow’s will move from their current space between Hot Topic and Journeys into the space that formerly housed Pac Sun. Look for Torrid to open up in the space the currently is occupied by Bristow’s sometime in late August or early September.



2 thoughts on “The Pacific Sun sets in Duluth

  1. You must not have been in the mall recently. Bristows will be moving into the old PacSun location. They have it all boxed up and advertised right in front of the store. So the real question is what will take up Bristow’s old space.

  2. Unfortunately the last time I was in the mall the space was vacant and the pre construction “boxing out” had not taken place yet. Good to know that they will be filling the space. Hopefully Bristow’s will do quite an upgrade to the space. Torrid will be moving into the space that Bristow’s currently occupies. Expect them to open in August or September.

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