“Duluth 10” renamed “Duluth Cinema,” and that’s not all that changed


The Duluth Cinema is now ready and open for business! This may have you asking yourself… hasn’t it be open for business for the last five years? Well, technically yes, but now that Marcus has completed their upgrades to the theater it is now better than ever! The new name isn’t the only thing that has changed. Movie goers now will find an “UltraScreen” at the former Duluth 10 theater. What’s an UltraScreen? Just a 65 foot wide, 3 story tall screen. No big deal. It’s housed in the former Omnimax theater which Marcus bought last April. The renovation of the Omnimax theater into an UltraScreen theater also brought in new seats (29 which are DBox seats (seats that move and vibrate to the movie)). The ticket counters for the theater have moved from the former Duluth 10 lobby into the former Omnimax lobby. A new restaurant called “Take Five Lounge” that serves food and alcohol has opened in the former Omnimax film room and the old lobby now features more room, new carpet, new menu items, and self serve soda stations. It’s a whole now movie going experience at the Duluth Cinema! Head on down and see all the new offerings and make sure to try out the new DBox seats. They may be $8 more, but boy are they worth it!


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