An opening and a closing… well sort of.

Let’s talk about the good news first!

Walgreen’s will be opening their brand new location on the corner of Arrowhead Road and Kenwood Road on August 17th. Now if you live in the Kenwood area no need to fear, you will not go Walgreen’s less for a while. It’s going to be a seamless transition. The Kenwood Plaza store will close one night and the new store will open the next morning. Leave it to the mass of workers to move all the product from the current store into the new store in the middle of the night. Some of you may be thinking “There’s a Walgreen’s in Kenwood already?” In fact there is! Last year Walgreen’s acquired a few Falk’s Pharmacy locations and the only location they set up shop in was the Kenwood location. The reason for it was because it really was their only way to edge into the neighborhood. Walgreen’s has been trying (and fighting) for a few years now to open a new location in the Kenwood area. They originally were planning on constructing a store on the opposite corner of the intersection (across from the Holiday station) from where their new store is, but the neighborhood objected it due to a needed vacation of an alleyway. It’s been a long process, but I think we all can agree that Walgreen’s constructed a very nice store, something that really benefits the Kenwood community. Not to mention it’s one of their first modern prototypes that I’ve seen! Score for Kenwood and Duluth! You’ll have to make sure to check out the new Walgreen’s Kenwood when it open’s officially for business on August 17th.

Now for the closing… well sort of closing.

The flood did some damage to the Duluth area which is pretty obvious. But apparently to one business, it did a little too much damage to recover from. At least that’s what it looks like to the average person. Verizon Wireless closed their location on Maple Grove Road due to damage from the flood. The nearest location now is within the Miller Hill Mall or down Central Entrance a bit next to McDonald’s. This closing has me a little skeptical though. Why you ask? Well if you remember the post a while back about the new retail center that will be replacing the Ground Round restaurant, you’ll remember that Verizon Wireless is a new tenant for the center. So it makes me wonder if the closing really is due to flood damages (which there clearly are some), or if it is more so due to the fact that there is no need to spend the money on renovating their current space when they will be moving soon? The other thing it makes me wonder is if their current building will now somehow be incorporated into the Hansen Center site being it is so damaged from the flood. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open and keep you guys posted.


4 thoughts on “An opening and a closing… well sort of.

    1. That’s great news that the developers were finally able to purchase to site! Not sure if you remember or not, but there was a post a few months back on the “Hansen Center” development. That will be the development that will be constructed on the former Ground Round site. Currently the space is planned for four new business. 2 which are new to the area (Mattress Firm & The Vitamin Shoppe), while the other will be a freestanding new Starbucks location (with a drive thru!). The other business was suppose to be Verizon Wireless but it seems as if that is up in the air now being they closed their location next door. That space could possibly be the space in which they are referring to the third new business to the area. It’s a prime space being it’s on an end cap and features a large amount of windows and has great visibility. Crossing my fingers that Chipotle could fill it’s place!

    1. That could definitely be a possibility. I know that their parking will wrap behind the Verizon space. They may have also have purchased the Republic Bank site as a redevelopment site too; or it could be another developer. I myself feel as if that site is really far too hidden for any business to really succeed, at least a local business. I really would like to see the Republic Bank space along with the corner building and the little Coffee Shop (or the new business it has now changed to) all redeveloped into a hotel. Maybe that could be the replacement site for the Hampton Inn?

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