Details emerge about new Dick’s Sporting Goods location

It’s official! Well… almost. Dick’s Sporting Goods plans for it’s new location at the Miller Hill Mall are going before the city tonight and hopefully (which there really shouldn’t be any reason they wouldn’t be) be approved for construction to start soon!

We found out from a great forum about the Miller Hill Mall (we’ll attach a link at the end of the post) from the user twinport1 and a follower of our blog that plans are being presented to the city tonight regarding a new Dick’s Sporting Goods location in Duluth. We first reported that the store, which currently has nine Minnesota locations, was scouting out spaces for a new Duluth location a few months back.

Now many people seem to ask themselves the question of “Where in the world would a store that LARGE go in the Miller Hill Mall? There simply isn’t room!). One word.. consolidation. Current plans include not only the consolidation of the current St. Louis County Service Center, Schmidt Music, but also the former half of Old Navy that was vacated this past year when they downsized and remodeled their current store. Now if’ you’re thinking that that doesn’t seem like it is quite enough space for a Dick’s Sport Goods location… well, you’re correct. So to make up for that a 26,000 square foot addition will be built onto the back side of DSW.

So what does this mean for the mall portion of the redevelopment and expansion?

The entrance that currently is at the end of the hallway will remain, and Dick’s will build it’s store outwards so that it will be flush with the end of the current DSW space. That means that the exterior space of the current mall entrance will almost become an extended hallway… but outside.

Dick’s Sporting Goods will have TWO entrances, one exterior and one interior.

They plan to do a complete renovation of the space. It’s an extremely well looking design and the interior store front looks just as great!

Bottom line. This redevelopment and addition of Dick’s Sporting Goods is going to do wonders for the Miller Hill Mall.

I’ve attached the link to the city file to see the the site plans and the renderings. And be sure to check out this great Miller Hill Mall discussion forum.


4 thoughts on “Details emerge about new Dick’s Sporting Goods location

  1. This development is going before the planning commission tonight. There are drawings that were sent to the city for review. There will be an exterior entrance and also an interior one as well. I have talked to someone on the planning commission and this sounds like it will go through. This is great for the mall and the city of Duluth!

    1. That is so awesome! I just saw the document you were talking about. It looks absolutely wonderful! So glad to see that they will be doing the amount of work they are going to do on that side of the mall. It really will help the image of the mall so much.

      Thanks so much for your help!

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