We’re still holding on to hope for Kwik Trip

Fellow Duluthians that read the Duluth News Tribune each morning probably noticed an article about the proposed development for the Burger King site on the corner of London Road and 21st Avenue East in Duluth. We reported a few weeks back that rumors were swirling around about a Kwik Trip opening on the corner of the site and the DNT today wrote about how that is NOT correct. Well… we’re still hold true to our word. Even with the interview of the chains chief financial officer Scott Teigen saying that that they currently have no deal for the property, nor for the entire city of Duluth, we still believe. And here’s why.

Often when trying to contact a company about FUTURE plans, they keep quite on development plans as there often is a HUGE chance that they can fall through. For construction the word of thumb a lot of time is not to mention anything until the shovel hits the group. Well… obviously if that happened we’d have no news to report. Here at cdinduluth we always strive to provide you the latest and most current news in retail development. We wrote our article talking about how Kwik Trip was in talks with the site and that they currently are part of the new plan for the site. The fact that Teigen says that the company is currently looking at Duluth and will be coming to Duluth should be the first green light. Here is the second. He states that the company doesn’t have a deal on the property. That makes sense as currently London Aquisition LLC is trying to get approval for rezoning of the site. Depending on what happens regarding the zoning, that changes the site completely regarding what can be built were and in particular, how much can be built. So yes, of course there won’t be a deal until the site has officially been rezoned and concerte plans can therefore be created. However, from what we have heard from our reliable sources Kwik Trip is still persuing the site. 

Lastly, the Atwater Group states that they would to put something in that is beneficial to the passerbyer on the site. We think a Kwik Trip falls into that spot, wouldn’t you agree? Bottom line we are trying to make here is that we still hold true to reporting truthful news and that we are continuing to stand behind our beliefs. 

We’ll have more in the coming weeks about what official happens with the rezoning of the site and therefore what the sheer size of this development could be.


One thought on “We’re still holding on to hope for Kwik Trip

  1. I was eating at BK about two weeks ago and I asked the lady who was taking my order and she said Kwik Trip plans to go in there and Burger King is trying to negotiate a deal with them to have a BK part of the Kwik Trip. Just like it is on 27th ave w. inside Holiday gas station. She also said the place was probably going to close some time in May.

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