Sugar Maple Crossing to proceed with Phase II

We reported a few months back that Platinum Properties was planning an additional retail phase for their Sugar Maple Crossing development; a retail center in Hermantown at the intersection of Highway 53 and Sugar Maple Drive. We’ve recently received more details on what is to be included with the additional phase and what exactly the future of Sugar Maple Crossing entails.

Phase II of the development is about two weeks away from breaking ground. This next phase of Sugar Maple Crossing will include 5,000 square feet of new retail space and will house two national tenants that are new to Hermantown. We’ll have an exciting announcement regarding names those retailers next week. 

There also will be a third and final phase to the Sugar Maple Crossing development that could begin construction as soon as next spring. That portion of the development will include an additional 11,000 square feet of office space in which 40 employees will work. A lease for a tenant that will occur that office space is already in the works. The office component will also be flanked by an additional 3,000 square foot connected retail building, making the entire phase three portion of development approximately 14,000 square feet.


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