Victoria’s Secret to remodel; open freestanding Pink store

Victoria’s Secret will undergo a remodel as they separate their Pink store from their full inline store. What does this mean exactly? Pink, the shop that sells all types of loungewear and lingerie, is getting it’s own retail space to call home! Now, this is the opposite of what happens often in the retail world. 

Victoria’s Secret underwent a remodel at the Miller Hill Mall over five years ago which involved a complete store rebuild, along with the addition of the full “Pink” store concept. Pink was introduced in 2002 and has grown today to include sales of over $2 billion. We’d say that’s a sign that a concept store is doing pretty well and it therefore logically makes sense that the company would look to branch off the Pink stores into their own concept stores, unattached to Victoria’s Secret stores. What might be even bigger news is that the current Victoria’s Secret store at the Miller Hill Mall will also receive a full remodel to bring it up to date to the company’s most current prototype. 

Looks pretty nice, right? By creating a freestanding Pink store, the mall will see the closure of Aerie, which is owned and operated by American Eagle (technically their version of Victoria’s Secret). That store’s presence will not leave the mall in it’s entirety as it will consolidate it’s operations within their newly remodeled American Eagle store at the Miller Hill Mall. Aerie’s former space will become home to the new Pink store, while the entire Victoria’s Secret store will undergo a remodel in order to take over the vacated Pink space. That means Duluthians will be seeing not only a larger, freestanding Pink store, but also a larger and brand new Victoria’s Secret store.

Those new Victoria Secret stores look pretty classy… don’t they?

While the Pink store is expected to look very similar to the much smaller/attached store at the current Victoria’s Secret location, the newly remodeled Victoria’s Secret store is expected to look much different. Their current prototype is much heavier in its design elements. The store layout continues to feature multiple rooms, while the interior rooms are either very dark (covered almost entirely in black) or otherwise very light (covered appropriately in pink). The biggest change that customers will notice is the storefront of the new Victoria Secret store. No longer does it feature black and creme marble, but rather now it features an array of vertical pink stripes that are backlit. Yes. The ENTIRE store glows.

The renovations are expected to begin promptly with an opening for Pink expected by the end of the summer and the completion of the Victoria’s Secret space expected to be complete by Fall. 

All we have to say… Expect to see an absolutely stunning Victoria’s Secret store come fall. The new prototype is truly beautiful.


Sephora to open May 2nd, 2014


There’s a date…and a space already! If you haven’t been inside JCPenney recently you’re probably thinking to yourself “where in the world is this Sephora going?” But, if you’re a frequent JCPenney shopper (or a casual one on the weekends) you’ve noticed the dramatic tarps hanging and the signage stating, officially we might add, that Sephora is in fact coming to Duluth on May 2nd, 2014.

Back on October 5th, 2013 we reported of Sephora’s planned entry into the Duluth market… and of course had a mass of people telling us our news wasn’t true. Well, take a look at the construction barricades and tell us that now! Here’s what you need to know about the Sephora opening in JCPenney. A lot of people are let down saying they wish we were getting a “full” inline Sephora store and that this store won’t be a real store. Think again people, think again! In some ways, Sephora stores inside JCPenney are better in the fact that they receive different product and product that is only made for the JCPenney locations. The other thing that is a plus about Duluth receiving a Sephora with in JCPenney NOW instead of a few years ago, is that the newest prototype is being built here. Which means it is not only a larger space than the older versions, but it also is a “truer” Sephora environment (if that makes sense) meaning it feels less temporary and more like a full inline store. And let us just say one thing about these Sephora JCPenney stores… they look classy as can be.

Another plus to having a Sephora inside JCPenney is that it means that Sephora is paying attention to our market now. There are multitudes of malls in the U.S. that have both a Sephora in JCPenney along with an actual inline Sephora location in the mall. Just being JCPenney is getting Sephora doesn’t mean that it rules out the possibility of having a full Sephora one day in the mall. 

You really can’t miss the new Sephora store if you are coming into JCPenney as it sit right at the entry from the mall. You’ll also notice it’s size… it’s big. Sephora took the place of part of the women’s clothing area, specifically the Liz Claiborne area (don’t fret ladies, your clothing just moved towards the front door) therefore it’s in an easily accessible place from both store entries.

Applications for positions within the new location are available here.

So all you Sephora fans… and men don’t forget they carry men’s products and an extensive line of colognes too… mark those calendars for May 2nd 2014 when Sephora will officially call Duluth home. 



Renovations galore!

It looks like lately it’s been time for an update for most retailers in the city. It seems as if with the surge of new names entering the market that tenants that have called Duluth home for many years now are taking the time to spruce things up.

Duluth welcomed one of Taco Bell’s very first locations of its new prototype last year. Taco Bell completed an extensive remodel at its 1031 W. Central Entrance location, a location that had been open for almost 20 years with no update whatsoever occuring. Patrons will be pleased with the new location, a remodel that had been in the works since the early 2000’s. Sporting a very modern look, complete with glowing LED panels covering the facade, no more is there the bright orange southwestern look of Taco Bell’s past, rather a clearly modern image has been introduced to give the chain new life.

Another fast chain is almost done with the renovation of two of their Duluth locations. Burger King has taken on investing over a million dollars into it’s location in order to update them to the current Burger King prototype. The new interiors take a modern approach featuring modern faux leather seating, stylish light fixtures, and various uses of sleek tile as accents. The locations are also one of the first fast food retailers in the area to use digital menus (TV screens). Gone is the brick, the bright blue accent colors, and the sloped roofs, now the exteriors feature stone, stucco, and warm neutral tones with red becoming the new accent color. The locations on Central Entrance and also out on 21st Avenue West were both remodeled as part of an extensive rebranding of Burger King’s image in Duluth. You have to remember that McDonalds in the past three years invested significantly in remodeling their Duluth area locations, including the rebuild of two locations, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Burger King is upping their anti. Burger King has invested $1.5 million in the renovation of the two locations in Duluth, and will invest $1 million more in the rebuilding of the London Road location. That location will be smaller than the current location on site at roughly 3,700 square feet. The move is taking place so that a retail strip center can be constructed on site which will house four new tenants to the area. The new Burger King will be a little more embellished than the two remodels we are assuming in the fact that it will take on the full Burger King prototype being displayed across various locations in Duluth.


We posted a few months back on American Eagle Outfitter’s remodel that will be occurring at the Miller Hill Mall. Now that the holiday season is over, the remodel is ready to begin. Look for work to begin this month with a completion date set for Late March / Early April 2014.