Build A Bear Workshop to open October 10th

We first broke news that Build A Bear Workshop was coming to the Miller Hill Mall when CDINDULUTH was taking our very first steps as a development reporting community back in 2008. We continued to talk with corporate representatives on the location in Duluth including with Maxine Clark herself who happens to be the founder of the company. In July of 2012 we reported that plans had become official and in July of this year we reported that the opening would officially happen this October. Well folks, Build A Bear Workshop will officially throw open their doors to a children’s paradise on October 10th at 10am

Build A Bear Workshop has been in the works for over six years and throughout that time the company has changed their planned location to various spaces within the mall. The permanent home for the company will be in the space that formerly housed Torrid which closed up shop last month. Torrid’s store location closed due to underperforming sales about two years after their opening in 2012.

Work has started on outfitting the space now in order to make it into the iconic, brightly colored and whimsical space that Build A Bear Workshop is known for. We reported on the new prototype store design that the Duluth location will feature back in July (if you missed the article you can read it here). Not only will the Duluth location be top of the line in design but it will also probably be one of the most technologically savvy stores (besides an Apple store of course) that you’ll see around. 

If you’re interested in working for Build A Bear Workshop they are now officially hiring for the Miller Hill Mall location. For a sixth year in the row it was voted one of the top 100 companies to work for so we’re assuming it’s a pretty fun job. The Duluth location is currently hiring sales associates, part-time and full time assistant managers, and a store manager. Apply here if you’re interested in working with children each and everyday to make an un-BEAR-ably cute friend. 

Let the countdown begin to creating your.. we mean your child’s… perfect stuffed animal!


Update on the Miller Hill Mall. Looks like a little moving could be in the future?

It’s official, Teavana and Torrid have been listed on the Miller Hill Mall website as coming soon. The other great thing is that we finally get to know where they will be going… well sort of.

Torrid will be moving into the space that currently is occupied by Bristow’s (that space is between Hot Topic and Journeys). Whether or not Bristow’s will be moving to a new space or not is still up in the air. If you remember their past they have been located in quite a number of spaces in the mall and being that they are a small company with I believe only the Duluth store, it could be likely that their presence at the mall has ended due to the malls increasing rent. However, they very well could move to another space!

There are three possible locations for Teavana. They will be taking space #29 in the mall, which doesn’t really isn’t much help since they mall rid it’s numbering maps from public view a while ago. What we do know is that it easily could take the former space of Trade Secret or that it possibly could go in the former Richard N’s space and that the space they will be occupying is 500 square feet. Both are in the center court where it is listed as moving to. The also is another rumor on the front that the Gold Guys may move from their current location to the location where Better Massage (former Knights space) is located and that Teavana would take their space. I myself am not quite sure which space it is, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what space gets boxed out first.

Lastly, it appears that the mall has set up the rest of the Great American space a single larger space, probably in hopes of trying to attract a store or restaurant of a little greater size. The space would be perfect for a number of tenants as it is large enough to fit a restaurant almost the size of Applebee’s or a store the size of Coldwater Creek. Many retailers and restaurants fall in that larger square footage size. However, the mall could always subdivide it later on.

As far as other vacancies go in the mall. There currently is still the one interior space left in the redevelopment (next to Dress Barn), my hopes still are for a Godiva to locate in there. Yum. There is the space that kind of has held many temp tenants next to Finish Line, a space that really could hold a variety of different stores. Then there is the former North Shore bank space which is so small in size that I could really only see it as a fast food sort of space or another bank, unless the mall takes it over as more offices being their current offices are right next to the space. Obviously there are the two food court spaces (the former Dairy Queen/Orange Julius and the former Chicken Now spaces), both have been boxed out so that gives me hope that something is in the works for both spaces.

And at the moment I do believe those are all the updates I have for the Miller Hill Mall. Let me know if I missed anything.

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